Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Yuca root with Spicy podi


   Yuca root or maravalli kilangu(in tamil) -2 medium size
    salt - as needed

         Cut Yuca root into desirable size (I prefer to slice it a little big as shown in the picture).Pressure cook it till 2 whistles(this again depends on the size of the yuca root pieces).while cooking remember to add water such a way that 1/4 of the yuca root is immersed in water and add salt and cook. once the pressure has settled open the cooker drain excess water if any and keep it aside or if u are too tempted to see how it taste,then go ahead and have a bite :-) i guarentee it will taste yummy.but wait it will taste even better with the podi
so here is the recipe for the podi

Ingrediants (for podi)

   R.chillies -10
   Cumin seeds- 1 tsp
   Shallot -1
   salt as needed
   coconut oil-  as needed

     Grind all the ingrediants except oil to a coarse powder as shown above.
     Add salt and oil to this powder to make it into a paste like consistency ,adding coconut oil will also give a nice flavor,but if u don't have coconut oil,then go ahead and add any oil of ur choice.

This is one of the simplest tea time snack ..

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