Monday, November 26, 2007


It is an easy recipe... 


Plaintain(Unriped) : 4
Oil : for deep frying 
salt :to taste
pepper :to taste

Preparation: Remove the skin of the plaintains and immerse it in a bowl of water (this will prevent the plaintain from changing color). take one plaintain at a time and pat it dry with a cloth and slice it using a mandolin directly in a Pan ,when the oil is hot .This will prevent the chips from sticking,but be very cautious while doing can also slice the plaintain very thin using a knife and fry it ,but make sure that the chips don't stick.once cooked full and crisp.remove it and place it in tissue to absorb excess oil. Now sprinkle some salt and black pepper powder and mix well ... once cooled store in air tight container.. In a pan heat oil.

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